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Social media has a very big problem. Everything has been focused on image, ego, and vanity. At BikBak, we want to put the focus back on content and just having fun. We have developed a platform where content is king, not image. We put the emphasis back on content by allowing our users to post anonymously to all their friends and fans. This allows our users to be themselves without worry as their content is not tied to their identity. While our goal is to shift the focus away from image and reputation we still recognize that users still need to be able to take credit for their best posts and earn some clout. If your content on BikBak starts trending you can use our FaceReveal feature to reveal yourself to the world and gain the recognition you deserve. That is the beauty of our platform. Posts with little engagement will not tarnish your reputation while your best content can be recognized by all. If you would like to try our platform you can download the beta here! We look forward to seeing your best content!

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